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★ Invited from time to time to participate in exclusive activities of members.

★ Members enjoy the limited benefits of the project.

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Members consent

Before you register to become a full member, to protect your rights and obligations , please read all the content details. Especially when you click the "Agree" button , that you have read and agree to abide by all of the following specification consent of the members.

1.Members agree to abide by norms and laws
After you learn to become a full member, you agree to accept its membership Specification , and agreed to disclose personal information to our collection, processing and utilization , understanding all constraints and considerations.

2. Service Introductio
(1) You agree to provide true and complete details in line with real personal information to members upon accession, when the information you need to change when you have logged in , should always informing us and update management process .
(2) If you provide personal information to fill untrue , or the original of the registered data does not meet the real , not informing us of the need to update processing , or have any suspicion of misleading , brastel reserves the right to terminate your membership and use of the services of qualified rights .
(3) Strictly prohibited to duplicate different identity register as a member , if disturb our company's members enjoy the rights and obligations of conduct , if you provide personal information in violation of or undermine the purpose of our company's service , brastel reserves the right to terminate your membership and rights to use the services of qualified .

3. Member norm modify
Brastel can always modify rights reserved Member specifications , we're in the specification when modifying Member , in the site's home page or bulletin bulletin to modify facts , we will not separately notify members.
If the Member does not agree to modify the contents of , an application for membership can withdraw . If the Member continues to use Brastel services , it shall be deemed to have accepted the present specification update or modify the content of such constraints .

4. The service is stopped or interrupted with change
Brastel reserves the right to stop or change or terminate the services of any of the rights of a member account services , and without prior notice to members . In any case , stop or change the service or terminate a Member Account Services , the trouble may occur , the inconvenience or damage , brastel is not responsible for any Member or third person .

5.  Copyright
(1) Welcome to the personal, non-commercial website links to this site , if you do not go through our company's written authorization, please do not any articles posted on this website or images .
(2) Business websites need references MIRALLER brand article、 content、 images、 format , subject to prior consent through Brastel . Without our company's consent , Transcription or Reproduced
the content, format and graphic information , they are considered violations – an infringement . If you need references, reproduced in the offline media , Or to discuss the meeting as a research reference, hospitals, schools, education and training purposes , brastel need to go through prior authorization and consent .

6. Management and notification obligations
Brastel consent of the account number and password and membership number, members of the obligation to keep , after becoming a full member, but also to be responsible for all activities carried out by the . In order to safeguard their rights and obligations of Member , please do not put username and password or member number or disclose to a third person knows , or lend or transfer to others . If the member account or password or member number being illegal use or use of any abnormal undermine the security situation , you should immediately notify Brastel , to facilitate take appropriate response measures as soon as possible , however, due to the above measures should therefore not be construed as express or implied Brastel liable to you or obligation of any kind or compensation .

7. Personal information
(1) For members logged or retention of personal data , except in the following circumstances , brastel agree prior has not obtained the consent of members , members of the name, address, e-mail address and other personal information is protected by the law , foreign never expose :
i. Based on the provisions of the law;
ii. Based on the requirements of legal procedures by judicial or other authority;
iii: For the protection of property and interests in this website;
iiii. In case of emergency in order to safeguard the safety of other members or a third person.
(2) For members logged or retention of personal data , members agreed to Brastel and related businesses , it was within reasonable limits in the collection、processing、preservation、transfer and use of such information 
, to provide additional information on membership or services 、 or made membership statistics 、 or on the web behavior of surveys or studies 、 or any legitimate use 、 or provide other services.
(3) Brastel will protect the privacy of every member , whether to apply for an account、profile , in addition to possible breach of the law、tort、or breach of the terms of use , or with his consent outside , personal data will not be handed over to a third party content and upload data .

8. Intellectual Property Rights
Brastel related pages or all related companies, brand services all works information , copyright、patents、trademarks、 trade secrets、other intellectual property、ownership or other rights , all are brastel , in addition to our company's legally authorized by prior , members can not be allowed to reproduce、 transmit、convert、edit , or in any other form, use them for any purpose , otherwise, all should bear legal responsibility .

9. Hyperlink
Brastel all links are provided on the site or all services related pages , may link to sites other individuals, companies or organizations , the purpose of providing the link , just to facilitate members' reference or access to information , for service or information is of hyperlinks , it does not guarantee the completeness 、 timeliness .

10. Members of obligations and responsibilities .
(1) Member commitment comply with Republic of China related legislation.
(2) Member agrees and warrants not to publish or transmit any defamatory、false、threatening、indecent、 obscene、unlawful、offensive、defamatory or against others intellectual Property Rights text 、or any form of image files in all of the service-related pages .
(3) Members agree not to brastel Member name engaging in other behavior advertising or selling goods .

11. Violation of the law will be strictly prohibited acts
Brastel whether the conduct for members that meet membership standards, have the final decision . If Brastel decision members in violation of norms or members of any statute , member agrees that the Company may at any time stop or the right to use the account clearing account , and to stop using the Member Services .

12. Damage reparation
By Member violate related laws or violate any members agreed specification book a Member Terms , brastel or other related businesses and therefore subject to damage or expenses (Including but not limited to attorneys' fees because of civil, criminal and administrative procedures expenditures) , the members shall pay damages or to fill its cost .

13. Stop or change service
(1) Brastel be announced if, at any time cancel or stop members of the membership, or restrictions on, the members shall not require compensation or damages .
(2) Brastel retain the future to add, edit, or delete all or part of the membership rights of consent norms , without further notice , members can not require any compensation or damages .

14. Advertising or promotion programs
Brastel on a website or service all relevant pages of the price of the commodity or promotional information and related businesses、offline , it is all part of a special project activities , please prevail in accordance with the actual announcement of each sales channel . Members can not therefore require any replace or discount、trade-in、for cash ... .. behavior.

15. Effectiveness of individual provisions
Brastel predetermined all provisions of any member when all or part ineffective,not affect the validity of the other provisions .

16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Our company's membership agreement consent interpretation and application、 member and the relationship between the rights and obligations arising from brastel , shall be construed in accordance with applicable Republic of China  laws and regulations , Taiwan Kaohsiung District Court as the jurisdiction of the Court of First Instance .
Release date 105.6.01

I have read and agree to consent to the use of personal data and join membership terms.

This membership account required after the opening before use.
After the application sent, SMS and mail administrator will notify approved qualifications.