Skin Reconstruction Series

Skin Rebirth System

◙  Product Introduction : 

Improve the ineffective whitening problems
1. To whitening and moisturizing while both?
2. Want to play laser, but afraid of your fear of pain?
3. Hit the laser, the skin is not enough white?
4. uneven color, face always looks dirty?
5. Skin feel rough, not delicate whitening?

> Whitening Cream contains effective whitening ingredients and plant extracts, can penetrate and stay in the bottom of the skin, inhibit melanin, to achieve the effect of dilute melanin, improve skin dull, defense aging sallow and avoid new spots to achieve whitening effect, So that inside and outside the skin distribution perfect translucent feeling.

◙  Instructions

> Daily morning and evening thoroughly clean the face and neck of the basic maintenance, take appropriate evenly applied to the face to the neck skin, and a little massage to help absorb.

◙  Apply to skin

> All skin types apply.

◙  Precautions

> This product is only for external use, do not smear to the mucosal tissue and wound parts, if used after skin irritation is not timely, please stop using.
> Open wounds, swelling, eczema Abnormal skin, do not use.
> Sensitive skin, please do in the arm inside the local test, no sensitive reaction before use.
> Please avoid the use of eyes, if accidentally into the eyes, please use saline water, eye irritation, if sustained discomfort, please seek medical treatment as soon as possible.
> Storage: Store in a cool place below 25 ℃, avoid moisture, high temperature and direct sunlight.
> Products should be placed in infants and young children can not get to avoid eating.
> Please use as soon as possible after opening the product to ensure optimum quality and avoid bacterial infection.